Xbox Project Scarlett - E3 2019 - Reveal Trailer

Introducing Project Scarlett.Unmatched power and speed ushers in a new level of game play performance and the future of gaming. With four generations of content that looks and feels unlike anything before. Launching with Halo Infinite Holiday 2020.Learn more: to Xbox: 🎮: FOLLOW XBOX: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Alianna Gallegos

Hun I'm so sorry for your lost I hope you feel better soon and I pray for your family 🙏 Just know we will always be here to support you love you <3333


love your videos!!!! Could you tell people about the 3 basketeers????

And cry

dogi 217


lesser zickt

love how this video ends with her learning nothing and being like "i'm still homophobic lol"

Srinarayan Srikanth

Soccer stereotypes


Eminem x Hopsin

Xylee Xylee

My father's been an alcoholic for as long as I can remember, he and my mother were never on good terms due to more than just his alcoholism. My father has always played on our XBOX, yelling and throwing whenever he got pissed, he'd always make promises. That never came true.

I use a binder, ive cut my hair, I lower my voice, and yet every day im still called a girl!

Bruno Catone

You're fake dudes, we need to build the wall

Chanelle Nique

I told my mom and she told me to do more devotions

Neon Light

Is meat unhealthy?


where was coby in the go cart battle

rachel elliott

Why did you start YouTube?

casualgaming 95

Anyone else like the video before the are one minute into it

The Reloader

2016 ? like !

Me: nah too lazy, maybe tomorrow More awesome

Saint Lawrence Records

Yellow Bag:

Alex Pavelka

for the literal easter eggs it would've been really funny if you had to do all this shit like pressing secret buttons and it opened a door for you to find literal easter eggs

Midhun rxme

These guys are really awesome

Rebecca Sattergren


Rohit Junna

I like to buy


I have a similar relationship to my crush. After confessing to him, he started to hit me but it was just an act of attention. He doesn’t call me any names but just bothers me more now, not to hurt me though. Just to get my attention.


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