Zoom - Commodores

This song is off their self titled album "Commodores"



Jenna Gallaway

mini volleyball net


Something told me you would upload an Easter eggs video on Easter :P

Bon3 Productions

When that reverbed "Uh" hits = complete fire

This video help me with some things for my baby sister who was born 2 days ago. I am thankful this video came. After writing this, it brought me to tears.

Sarah Maya

Please do Brandon Ingram

Alejandro Hernandez

This is just really depressing to hear since at any point in your life you could die from a disease or fatal accidents, and if you die, it'll be all gone friends, work, family so why live if you'll die anyways

Bobbie Amore

4:44 beautiful red hair

Tyler Singleton

I saw each video!

Th3RaiN RaiN

He dosent respect whamen

Get Trolled Bro

sick trick. but why does it have to be 47 spaces

Matthew Nuttall

Can I be on dude prefect

Mom: It's that damn phone

U know the result? My grades improved and I didn't realize that I actually shed a lot of weight, well nowadays I am gaining weight since I started my normal diet: eating between meals and eating late night snacks


the road to heal is to not deny your act, acceptance is the key + balancing between your own needs.

Rabi Gaming

I know a infinite inventory gitch I'll teach u for modded weapons on PS3 send friend request to MLG_fan83

Emma Frost

Make her evil.

Ass Hunter63

Its Not even September yet

arlyn situbal

I like you Tyler became a rage monster.


it's on iTunes!

creativecrown 1

What sports shop?

Chrisangely Del toro

Witch one are that talking about the girl or the boy

Being in school also because anne always whospers to me that i ahve forgotten my keys or my phone even though havent which results in me just not focusing on my work..

Alex W

i think that they should private this video or something, whatta meltdown

It your girl Sky

What happen to the sister????

Jonathan White

4:06 “Hold it, hold it, HOLD IT! No...!”


Best office ever!


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